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Two years ago I was a last minute seat filler on the giant bike. It was one of my "most fun moments" since I joined Deloitte. Combine this simple pleasure with the cause of children’s health and you have a perfect match.

That’s why I’ve decided to participate in Pedal for Kids, a major fundraiser for The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation. Over the years, Pedal for Kids has become one of the Foundation’s most important fundraising events. Extraordinary sums are raised year after year, which have contributed in a significant way to the level of care that the Hospital is able to give its young patients.

Last year The Children’s treated over 230,000 kids, and its Emergency Department is one of the busiest in North America. Please help me reach my goal by making a donation.

Together, I KNOW we will make a difference.

  • Lenore MacAdam, $50.0013 avril 2018

    “ Go Doris go! ”

  • Patrick Cote, $50.0013 avril 2018

    “ Go Doris! ”

  • Diana Bartolic, $50.0013 avril 2018
  • angela clayton, $500.0013 avril 2018

    “ we are proud of you! The Claytons ”

  • Sandra Michael, $50.0014 avril 2018
  • Yvonne Coupal, $25.0015 avril 2018

    “ Way to go Doris! Such a great cause !!! ”

  • Ian Sargeant, 16 avril 2018
  • Amanda Mackenzie, $50.0016 avril 2018

    “ Good luck - have fun!!! ”

  • Susan Bartlett, $50.0018 avril 2018
  • Dan and Stavroula Hawaleshka Logothettis, 18 avril 2018

    “ Pedal to the metal... ”

  • Alan Booth, $100.0021 avril 2018
  • Beth Tyndall, 1 mai 2018

    “ Good luck Doris! ”

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