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  • Rabbia Akhtar-Tariq, $20.0027 avril 2018
  • Cindy Goodyer, $250.00 9 mai 2018
  • Heather Duncan, $90.0023 mai 2018

    “ This donation was made by the CHHD trainee committee, and was obtained as proceeds from the falafel sale on May 14th. Thanks to everyone for supporting our Pedal for Kids campaign by buying falafels! ”

  • Heather Duncan, $255.0016 juin 2018

    “ This donation has been made on behalf of the CHHD Trainee Committee from the proceeds of our Comedy Night on June 15th. Thank you everyone who bought tickets, and in particular Angela who helped sell tickets, Laura who brought several friends, and Luan who made a donation.  ”

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